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"My first experience of reiki and it won't be my last! I felt very comfortable in Rachel's care and was left with a greater sense of wellbeing and positivity."

Katherine F, London, September 2017

"Wonderful Rachel, Thank you so much for the Reiki. I was not sure if I would feel anything, but I certainly did, I could feel good energy coming from you and negative/bad energy releasing from me, I relaxed which is very hard for me at the moment with my conditions. The entire time was calm, warm and relaxing. I will certainly be spreading the word to my friends and family. And I can still smell those lovely fragrances."

Amanda A, London, September 2019

"I went to see Rachel to support a friend during a reading.  Rachel included me in a short ceremony to open the session.  There were lovely fragrances in the air.  I will definitely return for a reading of my own." 

Sarah S, London, September 2019

"I had a 60 min reiki session with Rachel and it was just what I needed. Due to current stresses, I’ve suffered a heavy heart and busy mind. But after an hour of deep relaxation and sensitive support, I feel restored. I once again have energy to tackle the hard things. Thanks Rachel x

Phoebe W, London, March 2023

"When I went to Rachel for a card reading she welcomed me by smudging me with lovely white sage and fragrances instantly making me feel very comfortable.  Rachel is very professional and while reading the cards she explained all of their meanings and what their position signified in detail.  It was my first card reading and I was very pleased.  It definitely won't be my last".

Sarah S, London, September 2019

"I had a wonderful Reiki treatment from Rachel.  I mentioned how tired I had been feeling and from the start I felt cared for.  She asked if I preferred my treatment to be 'hands on' or 'hands off'.  My treatment was 'hands on' and I particularly noticed how light and gentle Rachel's hand pressure was.  The experience was relaxing and therapeutic. Afterwards I felt re-energised and rejuvenated.  Thank you, Rachel."

Sam, The Midlands, September 2019.

"Rachel's Reiki sessions are really palpable - I could actually feel the heat coming from her hands.  I was left feeling very relaxed, nourished and felt some deep healing.  It was a lovely session and I would definitely recommend her!"

Mariam M, London, October 2019

‘’ Rachel is magic. Relaxed the minute I stepped into her room. The energy, music, crystals, card and reiki gifts that Rachel share are all healing in themselves but combined are truly beautiful and magical. Highly recommend and I will definitely be back. Thank you Rachel. ‘’ Namaste, Amanda xX ❤️

Amanda M, London, March 2023

Thank you for today! It was quite an experience, I shed some tears at the beginning and went through a bit of a journey in my mind which was really positive. I left feeling exhausted but I am feeling great! I have been quite stressed knowing I had to make it to half term and I’ve run out of steam so that session was truly needed.  You have magic hands.  I feel relaxed, calm, unblocked as all my tension was held in my stomach.  I smell lovely ….the oil, I can still smell it.


Laura O, London, April 2023

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